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RABELO: The best known type of craft on the River Douro, Portugal. For centuries loosely connected with the port wine trade. Its hull was traditionally the shape of an elongated basket, the shape being conditioned by the demands of navigation on the difficult river. It was steered by a single large 10 metre oar from a stern castle. The sail was of help only when navigating up-streams, but generally the boat was pulled upstream similarly to a canal barge by men or oxen.
She was clinker built.
The capacity was 50 barrels of wine. She is now extinct as a working craft.
Crew 10-12.
Dimensions 12-20m long, beam 3.7m, depth 1.22m., shallow draft.

Source Watercraft Philately July 1994 and Aak to Zumbra.
Portugal 1970 3e50 sg1405, scott1086. 1981 8e50 sg1825, scott1489. 2012 3.00Euro sgMS?, scott? The ships on the MS are RABELO's
Portugal 2017 0.80 Euro sg?, scott? (A motorized RABELO.)
1970 rabelo 1.jpg
1981 Rabelo jpg.jpg
2017 rabelo motorized 0.80 Euro.jpg

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