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TA SALVO SERAFINO brigantine 1531

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TA SALVO SERAFINO brigantine 1531

Postby aukepalmhof » Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:53 pm

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The stamp shows us an ancient Maltese vessel the brigantine TA SALVO SERAFINO 1531 of which I only could find that she was named after the Italian painter Salvo Serafino, a google search did not give any Italian painter under that name.

Aak to Zumbra gives the following on the type:
In the Mediterranean the brigantine was a small galley working under oars or sail. It was a favorite of the sea brigands of the 17th and early 18th centuries, but during the 14th – 16th centuries the vessel engaged in reconnaissance work, often towed astern or carried knocked down aboard exploration vessels, including those of Christopher Columbus.
Open or decked, some with a poop deck; flat bottomed; often ram bow. Steered with rudder and tiller (as seen on stamp) Employed 8 – 28 oars to a side, with 1 man to each long slender oar. Lateen sails set to 1 or 2 masts.
Reported length 12 – 19m; e.g. length 14m, beam 2.7 m, shallow draught.
The name brigantine is derived of the Italian word brigantino meaning brigand.

Source: Aak to Zumbra a Dictionary of the World’s Watercraft.
Malta 1982 3c sg 701, scott?
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