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Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:34 pm

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The xprunara TA PIETRO SALIBA, named after the Italian painter Pietro de Saliba (1466-1530) was built at Malta in 1798. Have not any information on the vessel.
The xprunara (or speronara named in other parts of the Mediterranean) was a fast cargo vessel of the central Mediterranean Basin, the type was built in great numbers and evolved over a period of almost four centuries. She was built till the end of the 19th century and most probably originated in Malta, used to transport cargo, passengers and dispatches. The type got her name from the spur or beak which it carried on the bows.
The type had a sharp bow with curved stem that projected high above the gunwale; ram-like projection extended beyond the stem.
Rounded vertical stern or a long counter. Strong sheer, flat floors, cambered deck; deep removable bulwarks, small type undecked. Tall rudder-head on round-sterned type.
Rigged with one or three masts. Most set lateen sails; the small, open boats used spritsails, jib to a very long bowsprit. A 2-masted boat might use 18-20 oars. Reported lengths 8 – 15m with a beam of ca. 4.5m.

Source: Internet and Aak to Zumbra a Dictionary of the World’s Watercraft.
Malta 1982 20c sg 704, scott?.
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