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For the tall ship race, which set off from Halmstad, Sweden on 30 June 2017 in the Baltic via the Finnish ports Turku and Kotka then too Klaipeda in Lithuania too Szczecin a distant from about 1,200 sea miles, the Polish post issued a miniature sheet to honour this race. https://www.sailonboard.com/event/tall- ... aces-2017/
On the sheet is depict the tall ship KAPITAN BORCHARDT.

Built as a three-masted schooner under yard no113 by J.J. Patje & Zonen, Waterhuizen, Netherland ordered for Gustaaf Adolf van Veen in Scheveningen, Netherland.
13 July 1917 launched as the NORA.
Tonnage 186 brt, 163 net, 325 dwt., dim. 32.75 x 7.00 x 3.20m, length bpp. 29.55m
Schooner rigged.
One 6-cyl. diesel engine manufactured by Motoren Werke Mannheim AG, 250 rhp, speed 10 knots.
10 June 1918 transferred to Zeevaart Maatschappij Albatros (Gustaaf Adolf van Veen) Rotterdam.
18 November 1918 completed.

25 July 1919 sold to Zeevaart Maatschappij Groningen, Harlingen, Netherlands and renamed HARLINGEN.
03 May 1923 sold to Jurjen Swiers, Groningen/Harlingen not renamed.
20 September 1923 sold to Reederei von Helmolt Hanseatische Schleppenschiffahrt, Bremen and renamed MOWE.
01 March 1924 sold to Gustav Dethweiler, Bremen, renamed in MOWE II.
17 September 1924 sold to Petrus Visher, West Rhauderfehn, Germany and renamed VADDER GERRIT.
1925 Installed a 2 cyl. spark-plug engine manufactured by Hanseatische Motoren GmbH, Bergedorf, 56 nhp.
07 May 1931 arrived by Schiffswerft Schismer, Oldersum to rebuilt.
1934 A new 4 cyl. diesel installed manufactured by Humboldt Deutzmotoren AG, Kõln, 270 rhp. The same year transferred to C & P Visher, West Rhauderfehn, not renamed.
26 November 1937 in collision on a voyage from London to Bremen during heavy fog with the Dutch PINGUIN in a position near Woolwich in which the PINGUIN sank and the VADDER GERRIT severe was damaged. Repaired by Schulte & Bruns in Emden, Germany. During the repair her damaged clipper bow was replaced by a standard bow. 27 December 1937 was she repaired and resumed sailing.
07 October 1939 transferred to Partenrederei “Vadder Gerrit”, Leer. Germany, not renamed.
18 August 1940 in service as a supply-ship for the German Navy in Kiel, fitted out as a supply-ship in Flensburg, Germany.
08 September 1941 training ship for U-boot abwehrschule (submarine anti-aircraft school). She sank at Kiel on 4 March 1943.
16 July 1945 salvaged and anchored in Kiel.
17 December 1947 assigned to the Dutch Government.
08 January 1948 arrived under tow of the German tug HANS at Martenshoek, Netherland and repaired by the yard of B. Fikkers, Martenshoek. Received a new mid-section and wheelhouse, engine overhauled.
08 January 1948 sold to Marinus Vlap, Groningen and renamed INSPE. (Managed by Wagenborg)
17 April 1954 sold to P/R K.O. Lottsson & L. Karlson & E.B.R. Louson, Skärhamn, Sweden and renamed UTSKÄR.
1969 Sold to Arn F.A.Durk, Kållands-ö, not renamed.
1974 Sold to Else Marie & Lars Åke Hartzell, Ronehamn.Not renamed.
1975 After a fire on board declared a construction total loss.
1978 Sold to R. Wiklund, Stockholm, not renamed.
1979 Sold to Kate Meijer, Groningen and renamed again in NORA.
She was rebuilt in a sailing ship, dim. 33.48 x 6.91 x 3.18m., length bpp. 29.62m. A new engine placed a 6-cyl. Caterpillar, 353 hp, speed 9 knots.
1989 Sold to Hovax B.V., Nijmegen, Netherlands, registered in Willemstad Netherlands Antilles, at that time she was a three-mast schooner passenger ship with accommodation for 45 passengers.
1989 Sold to Baltic Sail Ship AB, Stockholm and renamed in NAJADEN.
Rigged as a three-masted fore-and-aft schooner, tonnage 250 ton displacement, 175 ton gross and 90 tons net. Dim. 45.00 x 7.05 x 3.15m. Length bpp. 30.00.
Sail area 600 m².
Crew and accommodation for 82 passengers for day cruises. Also used for charter cruises in the Baltic.
1996 Sold to Klart Skepp Marinteknik AB, Danderyd, Sweden not renamed.
30 August 2011 sold to Sklodonscy Yachting Sp Z.O.O. Warsaw, Poland and used as training vessel.
08 October 2011 renamed in Gdansk as KAPITAN BORCHARDT, named after Captain Karol Olgierd Borchardt. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karol_Olgierd_Borchardt
Accommodation for 10 crew and 32 trainees.
Rigged as a 3 masted fore-and-aft schooner.
2017 In service same name and owners, IMO No 5375008.

Source Internet, Lloyds Registry and http://members.home.nl/adriana-shipping?Datebase.htm click on COASTERS DATA BASE and scroll down to NORA.
Poland 2017 6Z sgMS?, scott?
nora 1918.jpg
inspe 1953.jpg
2017 kapitan borchardt 1918.jpg

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