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The coat of arms of Kaliningrad Oblast was adopted on June 8, 2006. It is a heraldic shield divided into two parts. There is an image of a silver serrated fortress wall with an open gate and two silver crenelated towers emerging from the wall in the red upper field. There is the monogram of Empress Elizabeth of Russia of the middle of the 18th century in the shield between the towers. The lower undulating extremity is azure with five golden circles. The coat of arms is capped with an amber crown and framed by a ribbon of the Order of Lenin.

The coat of arms of Kaliningrad was approved on July 17, 1996. The coat of arms bears fragments of the old coat of arms of Königsberg. There is a silver ship with one sail and a two-pointed silver pendant with an azure St Andrew’s Cross on a mast sprouting below by three green leaves in the azure field. Golden bezants decreasing to the edges laid in a wavy belt are depicted in the extremity. The shield is framed by a ribbon of the Medal for the Capture of Königsberg. A sailboat on the coat of arms of Kaliningrad symbolizes the connection of the enclave territory of Kaliningrad with the rest of Russia.

The postage stamp depicts the coat of arms of Kaliningrad, and the souvenir sheet margins feature the coat of arms of Kaliningrad Oblast and a map of the Russian Federation.

http://www.rusmarka.ru/en/catalog/marka ... 31891.aspx
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