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MORTIER M36 (France)

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MORTIER M36 (France)

Postby D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:02 pm

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Built in 1904-'06 by Arsenal de Rochefort for the Franch Navy, layd down 12-09-'04, launch 23-03-'06, commissioned 01-08-'06.
Torpedo boat of the 'Claymore' class, displacement:356 tons, Lbpp:58m. B:6.53m. Draft:2.95m. 2 Normand boilers, 2 steam engines:6,800 hp. 28 kn. armament:1-65 mm. 6-47 mm. canons, 2 torpedo tubes:450 mm. complement:60.
10-'07 to 01-'08 trails in Rochefort, 01-'08 to 12-'09 classified in Squadron North, 11-'11 to '12 in the Mediterranean in the 3th Squadron torpedo boats in Oran (Algeria) 06-'12 to end '15 1st Naval Force, 4th Squadron torpedo boats, 14-02-'15 escorting the submarine COULOMB from Malta to the Dardanelles, 01 to 05-'16 repairs in Algiers, 09-'16 escorting submarines to Messina, Brindisi and Naples, 01 to 05-'17 repairs in Toulon.
04-'17 she took part in escorting the packet boat ASIE, afterwards until 06-'19 at patrol in the Provence.
06-'19 to 11-'23 school ship for gunners, renamed PATRIE ?, 30-03-'27 stripped and the hull broken up in Toulon.

(France 2017, lettre verte 20 gr. StG.?)
Thanks to Auke Palmhof and internet.
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