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St Thomas and Prince Islands issued in 1989 a set of five stamps and six miniature sheets al with paintings made by the Spanish painter Rafael Monleón y Torres https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rafael_Monle%C3%B3n and in the margins of five miniature sheets drawings of ships and boat types around the world.

1)Shows a caravel on the left, and on the right a caravel redondo in the background two ships which are too small to say which type is depict. The drawing in the margin is a galleon.

2)The larger ship on the right is a galleon, do not known the type of the other two. The margin shows us drawings of Japanese sampans.

3)Shows us two caravel’s, the drawing in the margin is a Spanish galleon which is used for a few stamps:
http://www.shipstamps.co.uk/forum/viewt ... allery]/1/

4)The inscription gives caravel’s and it looks on a road or port. In the margin some Italian boat types.

5)In the middle a caravel, on the right and left caravel Redondos, in the margin in the top boats used on the Euphrates and Tiger river and in the lower part in the river Nile.

6)The vessel on the stamp is German, I believe a yacht with leeboards and has not much to do with a caravel. The flag she is flying is also German. Maybe a German reader can give the name for the vessel.

St Thomas and Prince Island 1989 20d and 50d sg?, scott 891/895 and 897.
Image (45).jpg
Image (46).jpg
Image (47).jpg
Image (48).jpg
Image (49).jpg
Image (50).jpg

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