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250th Anniversary of the Philippines Postal Service

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250th Anniversary of the Philippines Postal Service

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:52 pm

2017 Spanish galleon.jpg
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“Two documents mark the start of the organization of the Renta de Correos (Post Office) in the Philippines: specific instructions from the Marquis of Grimaldi, sent respectively to the Governor General of the Islands and to the Acting Governor of Acapulco, with the date 27 September 1764. The transmittal of these instructions, resulted in the Governor General of the Philippine Islands entrusting the initial management of the Post Office, from 20 March 1766, to Ramon de Orendain, the Secretary of Government and Notary of the Royal Tribunal. The first annual report of the administration of Manila (post office) was presented on 29 July 1767. A royal order dated 31 May 1766 addressed to Governor General Joseph Raon, provided that the person that would serve in the nascent postal administration be elected. The said royal order assigned the new administrator a salary of 10% of the product (income).” (The First Postal Mark of the Philippine Islands" by Jose Manuel Lopez Bernal (Translated from Spanish, Published in the review, Atalaya Filatelica de la Sociedad Filatelica Sevillana, No. 120, April 1998.)
From the accounts of the Administration of Posts of Manila of 1767 and 1768, we can conclude the concrete basis of the date of establishment of the Philippine postal service. The heading of the document states: "Year 1767 and 1768. General Report from 17 July when the (Postal) Administration of this city was created until the same month and date of 1768 and 1769." On 20 March 1768 the Direccion General de Correos transmitted to the first Administrator of Posts of Manila, Antonio Diaz Conde, the "Instruction which the Administrator of the Post Office of these Islands should observe" for his guidance.

The vessel depict is a Spanish galleon from around 1571 see: ... -3835.html ... ervice.htm
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