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300th Anniversary of the Cadiz Contracting House

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300th Anniversary of the Cadiz Contracting House

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:37 pm

2018 Cadiz.jpg
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Spain issued 1 stamp for the 300th anniversary of the Cadiz Contracting House, in the background are many unknown sailing ships depict (galleons?)

The Casa de Contratación de Indias was installed in Seville in 1503 to regulate the growing commercial traffic with the New World, newly discovered. He was in charge of controlling and managing all matters related to the new commercial route. Later, he also began to deal with legal issues as a court in charge of the lawsuits that were generated in matters related to the commerce of the Indies. Already in the s. XVIII, on May 12, 1717, King Philip V established that the House of Hiring moved to Cádiz as the city had been acquiring greater importance because most of the fleet left from the port. The stamp issued by Correos, on the occasion of this anniversary, collects a beautiful image of the Castle of Santa Catalina by the sea. On the horizon, you can see an old map of the city of Cádiz, of its bay, that so many boats saw leave full of dreams, and many others saw arrive with new and wonderful products brought from a new world to discover. A few strokes of colors that come out of the Bay represent in the seal the many trips that happened for years from Spain to America. The stamp that is put into circulation with Rate B, becomes part of those stamps that represent for posterity, a period and a fact of the history of our country, which meant so much for the history of humanity. The House of Contracting of Cádiz was only 73 years in this city since in 1790 the institution disappears. The suppression of the House is due to the fact that Carlos III will implement the Royal Regulations and tariffs for free trade from Spain to the Indies in 1778, which will open 13 ports in Spain with 27 in America, which meant that centralization no longer existed in the port of Cádiz.
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