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Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:35 pm

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In Watercraft Philately of March/April 1971 page 35 was a question on the dark-hulled topsail schooner with painted ports, which is depict on the tourism 10c stamp issued in 1969 by the British Virgin Islands. It is given as the NORLANDIA ex HARALD built in 1918. A photo after which the ship was designed you can find in the book “Great Sailing Ships” by Otmar Schauffelen. Can’t find a confirmation in Watercraft Philately that she is the vessel depict on the stamp.
I found a photo on the net and I agree she is most probably the NORLANDIA, it is the only 3-masted schooner rigged vessel around that time with painted ports.

Built in 1918 by C.Tommerup, Hobro, Denmark, not an owner given but she was used in the cement transport trade in Denmark by the Danish Cement Centrale.
Tonnage 145 dwt, 94,82 brt, 72.22 nrt. Dim. 34.00 x 6.60 x 2.50m, length bpp 25.10m.
Powered by a Volvo-Pento diesel engine 228 hp. (not sure of the engine was built in at 1918,)
Topsail schooner rigged.

1964 She was bought by Captain J.S. Gibbs and under British flag with homeport Jersey, Channel Island, renamed in NORLANDIA and converted in a sailing cruise vessel with accommodation for 8 persons including crew.
Mostly used thereafter in the Caribbean waters.
During a crossing of the North Atlantic in 14 days she reached a speed of 12 knots.
Her history thereafter got murky I found a web-site were a daughter (Chris Berlin?) of the last skipper Uwe Steffen gives her name as MARTINIQUE.
And she gives that after 66 year she sank (1984) where is not given but she was used in day trips between Saint Martin and St Bart (Saint Barthélemy). The story is given in the URL below.

Source: De Laatste Grote Zeilschepen by Otmar Schäuffelen.
British Virgin Islands 1969 10c sg 237, scott 203.
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