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Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:16 pm

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Mozambique issued in 2018 a set and a miniature sheet which depict ships, I am not so found of this sets issued by some countries, mostly expensive, badly designed and a waste of money. The design of the CUMBERLAND is made by a person I believe never has seen a real sailing vessel. The masts have not any yards, how the square sails are attached to the missing yards looks strange
All the ships have been depict before on stamps, only the HMS CUMBERLAND did not have a write up on the list, the Royal Navy had eleven ships under the name
CUMBERLAND, not a year when built is given, many can be deduct from this eleven, she carried not spritsails, which was gone in the 19th century, that only two sailing vessels built after 1800 which can be depict the one built in 1807 or the other built in 1842.
Of the first I can’t find any drawing or painting, so most probably the second is depict on the stamp.

She was built as a third rate ship-of-the-line by the Chatham Dockyard, Chatham for the Royal Navy.
09 October 1833 ordered.
April 1836 keel laid down.
21 October 1842 launched as HMS CUMBERLAND.
Tonnage 2,214 ton bm. Dim.180.0ft, length of keel 145.5 ft, beam 54.3ft and depth 22.4ft.
Armament: Lower deck 24 – 32pdrs. guns and 2 – 68pdrs. carronades. Upper deck 26 – 32pdrs, and 2 – 68pdrs carronades. Quarter deck 8 – 32pdrs. Fo’c’sle 4 – 32pdr.Roundhouse deck 4 – 18pdr.
Crew 620.
07 December 1842 completed.

31 August 1850 commissioned under command of Captain Peter Richards as guard ship at Chatham.
07 January 1851 recommissioned under command of Captain George Henry Seymour as flagship of his father Vice-Admiral Sir George Francis Seymour and fitted out at Chatham.
Jan/Feb. 1851 to North America and West Indies, then in 1854 to the Baltic Sea for the Russian Crimean War. She was involved in the Battle of Bomarsund, Finland in August 1854.
27 October 1854 paid off at Chatham.
01 April 1857 at Sheerness under Capt. John Bourmaster Dickson as flagship of Rear-Admiral Provo William Parry Wallis, for the South East Coast of South America.
From 23 August 1858 under command of Capt. Henry Downing Rogers as flagship of Rear-Admiral Stephen Lushington.
05 August 1859 paid off and recommissioned October 1859 under command of Capt. Edward Pellew Halsted as guard ship of the Steam Reserve at Sheerness, were she was stationed till 1869 under diverse Captains. Till she became training ship in the Clyde for the Clyde Industrial Training Ship Foundation in 1870.
17 February 1889 burnt by accident there, where after she was broken up at Rosneath Bay in 1889.

Source: Wikipedia and British Warships in the Age of Sail 1817-1863 by Rif Winfield.
Jamaica 1919 6d sg 98a, scott 95 (she is largest ship on the right of the stamp, the other ships are not identified.)
Mozambique 2018 116.00MT sg?, scott?
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Postby john sefton » Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:01 pm

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Identity of ships on the Jamaica stamp.
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