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Postby aukepalmhof » Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:39 pm

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To find info on yachts is difficult when you don’t know the year of when the yacht is built, some owners have yachts built, repeating the same name when they are building or buying another yacht.
On the MISTRESS QUICKLY I found the following: She had sail# KB 41 visible on the stamp.
It is an aluminum-hulled yacht built in 1974 by Halvorsen, Morson&Gowland at Terrey Hills, Sydney, Australia for Jack Rooklyn.
The yacht was designed by Bob Miller.
Launched under the name BALLYHOO.
Dim. 22 x 10.83 x 5.90m. (draught)
She was specially built for the Sydney to Hobart Race.
When sold I could not find, but a few years later the owner was building a new boat with the same name BALLYHOO.

During the Fastnet Race was she owned by Bill Whitehouse-Vaux from Bermuda. The homeport of the yacht is Hamilton, Bermuda.
After she was sold she was renamed in MISTRESS QUICKLY and took part in the Fastnet Race 1979 and I found on the internet in a yachting forum: During the '79 Fastnet, the mini-maxi 75ft "Mistress Quickly"[ex-"Ballyhoo"] designed by Ben Lexen [Bob Miller], with skipper Pete "Crash" Mccarthy went around Fastnet Rock, just after midnight.

We were fortunate to have a very experienced crew and drivers onboard and when the storm hit, they steered in turns for 15-20 minutes periods, due to the extreme wind, sea, and driven spray conditions.

The boat at the time was broad reaching, under a double reefed main and #4 jib, with winds in the 35 knot range with much heavier gusts, with the spreader lights on to help any boats coming to the Rock to see us better.

I was one of the watch captains, and took the wheel about 0100, soon after there was this very large roar of a breaking wave, which laid the boat nearly flat, and at that time I saw on the B&G that we were doing 15 knots sideways, with surf in the mainsail, lit by the spreader lights.

When the boat staggered back, the three on-deck watch, from the center cockpit, were at the ends of their harnesses at the lee rail, both the dodgers were gone, and then we discovered both liferafts from the foredeck, had also been washed overboard .

We continued on until daylight, and saw the spinnakers of two maxis ahead, at that time we hoisted the 3 oz "bulletproof" kite, still with two reefs in the main. The true wind was still in the 40-45 knot range, and the boat was surfing at over 20 knots, which was considered fast for those days.

We carried this rig all the way to Plymouth, finishing fourth over the line. The total damage was limited to, a 2 foot tear in the luff of the #4 jib, 2 missing liferafts and dodgers, and a lot of bruised, wet, and hungry guys.

It was reported the top winds were in excess of 60 knots and the maximum wave height was 15-18 metres. There is a lot to be said for a well found yacht with an experienced crew.

Best Regards,
Don Tracey

2001 She took part in the Maxi yacht Rolex Cup in Porto Cervo, Sardinia. At that time still owned by Whitehouse-Vaux
Later was she owned by Brian Walter in the USA, not renamed. When sold I could not find.
Then her history got murky, I found a MISTRESS QUICKLY used as a charter yacht, but not any details given, so it is possible she is still around in 2018.
Who has more info on this yacht after 2001?

Source: Various internet sites.
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Postby mike.watts » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:20 am

Hi. My name is Mike Watts ( By chance I noticed your post on Mistress Quickly. A very dear friend owns this yacht and I would been keen to know whether you have any Mistress Quickly stamps such as the one in your post and if so, could you please provide me with the prices.
I would like to surprise my friend with the set(s) of any Mistress Quickly stamps.

Many thanks,

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