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Khabarov E.P.-researcher of the Far East

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Khabarov E.P.-researcher of the Far East

Postby Anatol » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:44 pm

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Yerofey Pavlovich Khabarov - Russian explorer of Transbaikalia, traveler, entrepreneur. Despite significant achievements in the development of the Far East, Khabarov gained notoriety as an aggressive colonizer and wayward leader. Erofei Petrovich came from the Ustyug Cossacks of the Vologda Province. There are disputes over the traveler’s birthplace. The most likely village is Svyatitsa. There is no clarity on the date either, usually 1603 is indicated. Since 1625, Khabarov begins traveling. First, he climbs Ob from Tobolsk, goes out into the ocean and reaches the city of Magnazei on the Taimyr Peninsula. In 1628 he led an expedition, during which he reached the river Kheta along rivers and portages. In 1630, Khabarov sent back from Mangazeya to Tobolsk. In the early 1630s, the traveler moved to the Lena River, where he was engaged in commercial activities: he bought furs, opened a salt saltworks at the mouth of the Kuta, built a mill at the mouth of the Kirengi. Due to a conflict with the local governor, Khabarov even ends up in a prison where he stays until 1645. In 1648, the new voivode Dmitry Frantsbekov gave the go-ahead to equip the Khabarovs expedition to Dauria (Transbaikalia). The journey began in 1649 in Yakutsk, consisting of 70 people. It was planned to go up the Lena to Olekma, in the upper reaches of which go overland to the Amur basin. Until 1652, Yerofey Pavlovich managed to advance to the place of the confluence of Amur Songhua, compiled the first Russian map of Amur, and subdued many tribes. However, apart from the hostility of the Manchu rulers and local leaders of Khabarov, there was a split in their own detachment. As a result, Khabarov burnt a jail, laid by the former companion of Yerofey Pavlovich Stenka Polyakov, and executed the instigators of the rebellion led by Polyakov himself. Such actions did not go unnoticed. Khabarov was arrested in 1653 and transferred to Moscow, where during the proceedings the “rebels” were acquitted. In 1655, Khabarova was acquitted (a list of merits took place) and was appointed manager of the Ust-Kut volost. The latest information about Khabarov is dated 1667, when he wrote a petition with the aim of another campaign around the Amur. The last years of his life Khabarov lived in Ust-Kirenga, where he presumably died in 1671. The place of death and burial is not exactly known. The largest Russian city on this river, Khabarovsk, is named after the Amur explorer.
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