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POYARKOV V.D.- explorer of the Far East

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POYARKOV V.D.- explorer of the Far East

Postby Anatol » Sun Dec 23, 2018 6:07 pm

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POYARKOV Vasily Danilovich, explorer and navigator, one of the discoverers of the Far East, "a written head" (deputy governor).
In 1643 he was sent by Yakut voivod P. Golovin to Zeya and Shilka to collect yasak, search for silver, copper and lead deposits, as well as to join lands lying eastward to the Sea of Okhotsk, the existence of which became known from the report of I. Moskvitin .
At the head of a military detachment of 133 people in the summer of 1643 V. Poyarkov rafted down the Lena to Aldan, climbed up and opened the river. Uchur and Gonam - to the thresholds. Here he left the court to winter with a small detachment under the leadership of I. Minin. He himself passed the sleds through the watershed with the main forces and was the first of the Russians to get into the bass. Amur, where in the upper Zeya, at the mouth of the river. Umlekan, spent a very hard wintering, lost more than 40 people due to famine and clashes with the local population. Spring 1644, dragging river plaques across the watershed, I. Minin and his comrades joined the group of V. Poyarkov. The Cossacks descended along the Zeya and further along the Amur to its mouth, where they were wintered again. From the Amur Nivkhs they received valuable information about Sakhalin, its inhabitants, the ice regime in the strait separating the island from the mainland. With the onset of spring, V. Poyarkov, having built up additional ships (“nashvahs”) on ships, went to the Amur Lim. and moved along the coast to the north, carefully examining each lip. After 12 weeks of dangerous and difficult navigation through the Sakhalin Hall. and the western part of the Sea of Okhotsk, he reached the mouth of the Hive, where the detachment was winterized for the third time on the old I. Moskvitin base. ridge Dzhugdzhur) and along the rivers bass. Lena returned to Yakutsk. From the hike, he brought drawings and descriptions of the routes covered, announced new data on the nature and population of vast areas of the Far East, including about dauras, “plowed” duthers, golds (Nanai people) and Gilyaks (Nivkhs). A serious illness prevented him from continuing the Amur travels. Subsequently, he served in Yakutsk, then in Tobolsk and Kirganskaya settlement in the Urals. He died after 1667. A mountain on Sakhalin and a villagein the Amur region are named after Poyarkov.

Russia1990; 5k. Рostal envelope.
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