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Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:17 pm

oldeoog drawing.jpg
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2016 JACOB MEINDERT 1989.jpg
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Built as a tug-icebreaker under yard no 15 by Jadewerft, Wilhelmshaven for the Wasser-und Schifffarts in Willemshaven, Germany.
1952 Launched as the OLDEOOG.
Dim. 26.00 (24.00 bpp) x 7.30 x 4.00m. (draught) (as given on the plan, but it is hardly readable. So I can be wrong.)
One diesel engine 430hp.
She was later renamed in LANDSORT.

For her fine lines she was wel suited to be rigged as a schooner, she was bought on a public auction by Skipper Willem Slighting in 1988.
For conversion from tug to sailing yacht, she sailed to Gdansk for a refit by the Stocnia Wiswa yard in Gedansk, Poland in 1989.
Tonnage 96 grt, 29 nrt, dim. 36.50 x 7.30 x 2.50m. draught 2.40m, length bpp. 26.50m.
Auxiliary engine: One DAF 1160 turbo diesel, 260hp.
Rigged as a two-masted topsail schooner. Sail area 630 sq. meter.
Accommodatie for 40-day passengers for longer trips she has berths for 18 persons, crew 2/4.
Homeport Makkum, Netherland.
Thereafter mostly used in the Baltic and Nordsea waters

Wikipedia gives on the ship:
The JACOB MEINDERT was originally an icebreaking tug named OLDEOOG. It was purchased at auction by Willem Sligting who, when he first saw it, realised it could make a fast sailing vessel. It was relaunched in 1989 as a two masted topsail schooner.
29 September 2012 It lost both masts in strong breeze, 6 at the Beaufort scale, north of Terschelling. No casualties and was towed to the safety of the harbour in Harlingen.
2013 Was she sold to? And sails now in the Mediterranean.

2019 Is for sale in the Mediterranean still under the name JACOB MEINDERT. Not any info but her web-site is down.
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