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HAIFA 87 stamp exhibition and shipwreck

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HAIFA 87 stamp exhibition and shipwreck

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Mar 10, 2019 8:36 pm

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Israel issued in 1987 a miniature sheet for the National Stamp Exhibition “Haifa 87”, the stamp a 1952 stamp shows us the Bay of Haifa, on the stamp is also a passenger ship very small and till so far not identified.

In the margin a lithograph made by the Scottish painter David Roberts (1796-1864) View of Haifa and the bay at sunset, with the skeleton of a boat half-buried in the sand in the foreground and Mount Carmel in the background. Haifa was named Caiphas by the Crusaders. This picture is accompanied by the following description:
This view is taken from near the mouth of the River Kishon; and in the foreground characteristically lies one of the wrecks which constantly strew this exposed shore. Mount Carmel is a ridge of about eight miles in length, rising from the memorable Plain of Esdraelon, and terminating in a bold promontory. ... fa-carmel/
Have not any info on the wooden hulled wreck.
By the stamp is given:
The National Stamp Exhibition "Haifa 87" is being held on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the historic UN resolution of November 29th, 1947, on the partition of Palestine, which was the basis for the founding of the State of Israel, on May 14th, 1948.
The Haifa Philatelic Society is hosting the Exhibition, which is under the patronage of the Minister of Communications, the Mayor of Haifa and the Israel Stamp Collectors' Federation, during the week of Pessah (April 1987).
The Society was established in 1938. It is the most senior of the Philatelic Societies in Israel and has about 50 active members who meet regularly twice a week. The Society strives to widen the knowledge about philately by organising various activities among its members and collectors of all ages.
HAIFA 87" is the fourth stamp exhibition held by the Haifa Philatelic Society. The others were TABA (1952), TABAI (1964) and HAIFA 80(1980). Each one of these exhibitions was of the highest standard and enjoyed great popularity.
The Souvenir Sheet which is being issued to mark "HAIFA 87" depicts one of the lithographs by David Roberts HA, which shows a view of Haifa Bay seen from the Kishon Estuary about 150 years ago.
The Souvenir Sheet also contains an Israel postage stamp which was issued in 1952; it was designed by the late Otte Wallish.
This stamp, too, shows the bay of Haifa and Mt. Carmel.
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