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Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:56 pm

1997 panama canal MS.jpg
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1997 miraflores locks (3).jpg
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1997 barber tonsberg.jpg
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Panama issued in 1997 two stamps and a miniature sheet for the World Congress 1997 on the Panama Canal. There are many ships depict on the MS and stamps, but only one ship is till so far identified, the red-hulled ship entering the Pedro Miguel lock is the RoRo vessel BARBER TONSBERG.

When you have a ship name on one of the other depicted ships let us known.

Built as a RoRo cargo vessel under yard No 212 by Kaldnes Me. Verk, Tonsberg, Norway for the PR Barber (Barber Blue Sea), Tonsberg.
December 1977 laid down
31 January 1979 launched as the BARBER TØNSBERG.
Tonnage 22,069 grt, 12,080 nrt, 31,780 dwt, dim.228.49 x 32.29 x 10.82m. (draught), length bpp. 210.0m.
Powered by B&W 9K 90 CF diesel engine, 30,700 bhp, one shaft, speed 21 knots. Oil consumption for one day 108 ton.
Container capacity 1772 TEU’s included 120 reefer containers.
28 June 1979 completed, managed by Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Imo No 7704942. Norway flag and registry,

Sold by Barber Steamship Lines, in December 1986 to the US Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration.
Assigned to the Maritime Administration's Ready Reserve Force as MV CAPE HORN (AKR-5068)
When activated MV CAPE HORN (AKR-5068) is assigned to the US Navy's Military Sealift Command (MSC) as one of the Maritime Administrations 31 Roll-on/Roll-off Reserve Force Ships assigned to MSC
MV CAPE HORN is assigned to the MSC Pacific Strategic Sealift Force and is berthed at Pier 50, San Francisco, CA. in ROS-5 status.
Crew when in service 27, when in reduced operational status 9.
2019 In service, same name and owners.

(The inscription on the B/0.45 is incorrect it gives "Escusa de Pedro Miguel" it must be
"Esclusa de Pedro Miguel') . Internet Illustrert Norsk Skipsliste 1982
Panama 1997 B/0.45 and MS B1.50 sg?, scott 838a and 838b
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