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DAISHAN DAO hospital ship

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DAISHAN DAO hospital ship

Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Apr 09, 2019 8:53 pm

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Built as a hospital ship by Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Limited for the Chinese Navy.
2007 Launched as the DAISHAN DAO (Peace Ark) (866). She is the sole ship of its class.
Displacement approximately 14,000 tons, dim. 178 x 25m, approximately.
Powered by twin engines hp?, speed?
It has the capacity for 300 beds, 20 ICU beds, 8 operating theatres, and can perform 40 major surgeries a day, in addition to X-ray, ultrasound, CT, hypothermia, hemodialysis, traditional Chinese medicine, and dental facilities. It also has a remote networking and communications system to allow teleconferencing with doctors and specialists on land.
Aircraft carried: Z-8JH (27 passengers or 15 stretchers), Aviation facilities: hangar
22 December 2008 commissioned.

DAISHAN DAO, She is assigned to the South Sea Fleet and based out of Zhoushan in Zhejiang province.
In accordance with the Geneva Conventions, DAISHAN DAO and her crew do not carry any offensive weapons, while the ship is painted white with red crosses to mark it as a hospital ship.
DAISHAN DAO is a Type 920 hospital ship of the People's Liberation Army Navy of the People's Republic of China. DAISHAN DAO is also known as Peace Ark during peacetime.

The ship was launched in 2007 with the stated intention of giving China a platform to provide a better means to providing quicker humanitarian response to disasters around the world, but others contend it also allows China to extend the navy's blue water capabilities.
On 1 September 2010, the hospital ship embarked on a three-month "Harmonious Mission 2010" to the Gulf of Aden with a total of 428 officers including 100 medical workers. En route she visited and provided medical treatment to the local people of Djibouti, Tanzania, Kenya, the Seychelles and Bangladesh.
During "Harmonious Mission 2011", Peace Ark visited Cuba, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago, the first Chinese voyage to the Caribbean.
In November 2013, she was deployed to Tacloban, Philippines to assist in the recovery from Typhoon Haiyan.
Peace Ark also participated as part of the Chinese contribution to Exercise RIMPAC 2014 in addition to the United States hospital ship USNS MERCY.
In October 2017, she traveled to Gabon and provided medical services in the country. According to the media, her crew examined more than 3000 people and performed dozens of surgeries.

2019 In service.

Source ... aishan_Dao
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