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Wa-canoe of Palau

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Wa-canoe of Palau

Postby Anatol » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:44 pm

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Palau-western Pacific. In the small Sonsoral Islands southwest of the main group, the wa is a long, narrow single-outrigger canoe. Dugout hull shaped into a symmetrical "V" in cross section; strake added to each side increases depth; strong lon¬gitudinal rocker to bottom. Slightly raked ends; upper part formed of solid end pieces carved to cre¬ate vertical projections. Two straight booms, set close together, extend to the short, pointed float; joined by crutch connectives, a yoke between the booms, and several oblique braces. Two spars that run from the ends of the hull to ends of the booms help support a light, triangular platform; small, solid platform near the hull. Diamond -shaped paddles, flat on one side and ridged on the other; as many as 12 on large canoes. When sailed, sets a triangular sail with its apex tacked to the forward end; mast pivots toward opposite end when tacking, the outrigger kept to windward. Halyards rove through hole on mast-head. Length ca. 8.7m, beam ca. 0.5m.
Palau 80c Source: A Dictionary of the world’s Watercraft from Aak to Zumbra.
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