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Hobolo-boat Lake Abaya. Ethiopia.

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Hobolo-boat Lake Abaya. Ethiopia.

Postby Anatol » Wed May 01, 2019 9:21 pm

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The Micronesian stamp depicts the HOBOLO- boat on Lake Abaya in Ethiopia. Different nations live on the shores of the lake, building similar boats under various names. Different nations live on the shores of the lake, building similar boats under various names. Bayso people Giddiccho island have traditional boat- WOLLABO, a smaller kind is called FAAK’O .All are made of local wood only. The logs are made from the very light and spongy Ambatsh tree. Wooden nails are cut and made from a very hard wood (acacia) and used to link the logs together. Each different logs a wollabo has its own name.The boats are between 5 and 7meters long, and about 1,5meters wide. Due to their shape, the boats should more correctly be called floats, and they are not closed on all sides, but open at the back and there is also space between the different logs. Yet, as the wood is so light, the boats cannot sink and are very safe. The traditional boats are mainly used to regularly transport people from the island to the shores to visit merkets in Mirab Abaya (western shore of lake).Smaller paddles are used for floats. Researcher Haberland saw boats from 13 to 16 feet in length, made of extremely light planks of white wood, which can carry up to 12 people, which were mainly used by Haruro’s people (From the island of the same name) to transport hippo meat. The boats were called HOBOLO (obolo). As a mover, used the paddle and pole. The form and method of paddling resemble the Venetian gondola. Sometimes boats were built from papyrus, cane, reed, depending on the size and purpose.
Micronesia 37c. Source: Susanne Epple:” The Bayso People of Giddiccho Island, Southern Ethiopia. An Ethnographic Sketch”. Ernesta Cerulli:” Peoples of South-West Ethiopia”.
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