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SSK KILO CLASS Project 636 submarine

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SSK KILO CLASS Project 636 submarine

Postby aukepalmhof » Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:32 pm

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The Russian submarine Project 636 were built on various Russian yards most for export.

Displacement Surfaced: 2,350 ton, submerged 3,125 ton, dim. 74 x 9.90m.
Powered by two engines, maximum speed 20 knots submerged, surfaced 10 knot.
Range surface 7,500 mile. Submerged 400 miles.
Maximum operating depth 300 meter.
Crew 12 officers and 53 men.
Armament 6 torpedo tubes.

The Project 636 till so far all the boats built were for export.
The Project 636 class diesel-electric submarines, Kilo NATO-codename, are a further development of the proven Project 877EKM submarine featuring a quieter propulsion system as well as an improved weapon system. They are intended to engage surface ships and submarines. They can undertake reconnaissance and special operations forces infiltration missions. Low noise emissions of the propulsion system ensure enhanced survivability and improved performance compared with its predecessor Project 877EKM submarine. The new torpedo tube-launched Klub/Club-S missiles provide enhanced engagement capability against AEGIS-protected surface ships as well as submarines and land targets.

The first Project 636 submarine was commissioned in 1997/1998 by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy. China was the first 636-class submarine operator with ten ships already delivered. The Russian Navy operates as many as 12 submarines of this improved Kilo class and is available for export customers. As of 2017 Russia has received orders for more than 35 boats from several customers worldwide. ... 45002.aspx
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