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Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Aug 11, 2019 9:31 pm

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Angola issued in 2019 a set of stamps and one miniature sheet with tall ships, the only ship which has not before been depicted on a stamp is the Dutch tall ship THALASSA.

Built as a fishing cutter under yard No 956 by Scheepswerf Haak B.V., Zaandam for L & R Zijlstra, Den Helder, Netherland.
Launched as RELINQUENDA HD 99
Tonnage 265 grt, dim. 37 x 8 x 4.50m.
Powered by one Stork-Werkspoor 9 FEHD.240 diesel engine, 1,500hp.
1980 Completed, homeport Den Helder.

On 08 August 1984 she hit a wreck north of the Eierlandse Gronden, where after the vessel made water. The skipper decided to proceed to de Den Helder for repair but when passing the Marsdiep the next day she made so much water that she sank in 2 minutes, the crew of four were before rescued by a lifeboat.

Nine days later was the RELINQUENDA salvaged by TAKLIFT 2 and was discovered that she had a crack in her hull with a length of 7 metre.
When the crack was closed, she was towed to Den Helder for repairs.
Most probably the repair was more as the vessel was worth, she was not used as a fishing vessel again. What happened with her between 1984 and 1994, most probably laid up waiting for a buyer.

1994 The hull was sold to Arnold Hylkema & Henk Stallinga and towed to the repair yard of Welgelegen in Lauwersoog for conversion into a sailing vessel in combination with Scheepswerf vd Werf & Visser BV, Jirnsum for the rigging.
The hull was rebuilt and she was rigged as a three-mast Barquentine, fitted out with modern navigation and safety equipment.
Has 15 double cabins with bunk beds for 30 trainees/passengers and 5 or 6 crew.
For day trips, can carry 80 guests.
Tonnage 282 grt, 116 ton net, displacement 350 ton. Dim. 48.00 x 8.00 x 4.44m, length bpp. 32,60., draught 4.00m.
15 Sails, sail area 800m².
Powered by one General Motors auxiliary diesel engine, 650 hp.
1994 Completed and used as training/charter vessel, renamed in THALASSA, homeport Harlingen, IMO No 8101276.

2019 In active service. Owned by Sailing Charter Thalassa BV, Midlum, Netherland, same name.

Source: Various internet sites.
Angola 2019 KZ-300 sg?, scott?
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