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Postby aukepalmhof » Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:26 pm

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The Maldives issued a miniature sheet with four stamps for the 150th Berth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi 1869-1948. One the stamp and in the margin is also shown the British liner KILDONAN CASTLE on which he wrote his book Hind Swaray when he was a passenger on the ship from London to South Africa from 13 November till 22 November 1909.

Built as a passenger-cargo vessel under yard No 408 by Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Glasgow for the Castle Mail Packets Co. Ltd – D Currie & Co., London.
22 August 1899 launched as the KILDONAN CASTLE, one sister the KINFAUNS CASTLE.
Tonnage 9,652 gross, 5,105 net, dim. 515.3 x 59.2 x 34.7ft.
Powered by two quadruple expansion steam engines, manufactured by builder, 9,800 ihp, twin screws, speed 17.5 knots.
Accommodation for 266 first, 171 second and 198 third-class passengers.
Refrigerated space 7,536 cubic feet in 1913 increased to 21,970 cubic feet.
October 1899 delivered, as Troop Transport No 44 for the Boer War between the U.K. and South Africa.

On her maiden voyage, she transported 3,000 troops, she was in service as a troop transport from 05 October 1899 till 23 May 1901, and altogether she transported 20,429 men.
After the amalgamation, she became part of the Union-Castle Mail SS Co. Ltd, - D Currie & Co., London.

1901 She returned to builders to complete as a mail ship.
December 1901 in service in the mail service U.K. South Africa.
06 October 1915 commissioned as hospital ship HMHS KILDONAN CASTLE.
March 1916 decommissioned as a hospital ship.

March 1916 British Admiralty requisition and converted in a merchant cruiser (AMC), armed with 8 – 4.7 inch guns, later replaced with 8 – 6 inch guns.
21 August 1916 joined the 10th Cruiser Squadron on the Northern Patrol.
20 October 1916 by leaving Swarbacks Minn, Scotland her bow caught the wind before she had sufficient speed. She fouled the colliers BENGARTH, SAGONITE and LARGO before she grounded by the stern. After refloated it was found that she did not get any damage.
20 January 1917 sailed from Oban carrying the Allied Mission, led by Viscount Milner, to Russia which was sent on an unavailing attempt to prevent the Russian collapse.
25 January `917 arrived Murmansk and after a month returned to Scapa Flow on 02 March 1917.
05 March 1917 sailed from Scapa Flow to rejoin the Northern Patrol.
From July 1917 used for convoy escort in the North Atlantic but also deployed to the west coast of Africa and South America.

December 1918 decommissioned.
From January 1919 deployed as a troop transport ship, repatriating Australian troops and later carrying troops to Norther Russia, India and the Near East.
March 1920 voyage from Newcastle to Vladivostok to bring 1800 Serbs back to their homeland eventually landing them at the Adriatic port of Gravosa.
31 December 1921 returned to owners.
1926 Laid up at Netley as a reserve ship.
1927 Made a trooping voyage to Shanghai,
May 1928 Reconditioned for further service.
1929 Made a voyage as a cargo steamer.
May 1930 voyage as intermediate ship because of delay in delivery of DUNBAR CASTLE.
18 May 1931 arrived Stavanger, Norway for scrapping, she was there scrapped by Stavanger Skibs-Ophugnings Co . A/S.

Source: Armed Merchant Cruisers 1878-1945 by Osborne, Spong and Grover. Union-Castle Line a fleet history by Peter Newall. Merchant Fleets in Profile- Castle & Union Castle Line by Duncan Haws. Miramar and
Maldive Islands 2019 4x10MVR sgMS?, scott?

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