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SARDINIER fishing vessel

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SARDINIER fishing vessel

Postby aukepalmhof » Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:29 pm

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1988 Douarnenez__GF.jpg
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In 1988 France issued stamps in the tourist series of which the 2.00Fr stamp shows, Museum du bateau Douarnenez. On the left, a wooden vessel partly dismantled. I have not any information on the type of vessel, can be also a sardinier?
On the right are three vessels under sail, which are type “sardinier” which are mostly used in the fishing, on the west coast of France. She underwent considerable evolution in addition to varying somewhat from port to port. She is after World War 1 superseded by motorized craft.
Drifted, towing a gill net. Fish attracted by a tender. The pen sardine, that scattered a paste of cod’s eggs on the water.

The sadinier is a fast beamy, carvel-planked vessel with fine lines forward, flat floors, vertical sides, deep keel with marked drag aft. Straight stem raked inboard slightly, curved until ca 1865. Type of stern varied from sharp or elliptical, to round to a raked transom. Early boats open, later decked although some remained undecked except at the stern. Narrow udder followed the rake of the sternpost; tiller. Hull tarred black. The pole fore- and mainmast were stepped in the forward half of the boat and were flexible, unstayed and raked aft generally at the same angle. Dipping forelug tacked to the stemhead and overlapped one half of the main-sail; originally forelug was square and much smaller. Mainsail usually a standing lug, somewhat taller than the forelug, tacked to the mast and sheeted to a traveler at the stern. Sails generally black, brown or ochre.
When towing the net, the masts were lowered and the boat was rowed with long, heavy oars, the forward 2 oars much longer. Towed a single annexe which with an annexe from a companion sardinier, helped set the nets.
Crew generally 6-8 plus 2 boys.
Reported lenght6.7 – 15m; e,g. length overall 10.4, on waterline, 9.6m beam, 3.2m depth, draught aft 1.63m.
Modern motorized vessels up to 20m long.

France 1988 2Fr sg 2834, scott?
Source: Aak to Zumbra a dictionary of the World’s Watercraft
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