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Postby aukepalmhof » Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:03 pm

1967 svent skepp 1650.jpg
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Merchant cog: ... The main image shows a Swedish merchant ship, from a woodcut as it appears on the cover of a Royal ordinance of 1661, about civil merchant shipping in the Öresund and the Belt"

Before the year 1683 were for sea transports of mail primarily the ships of the Swedish Royal fleet used.

Some-times, letters and parcels were also carried by private vessels.
The vessel on the stamp is an armed ship Cog type. Built. Ca 1660 - Cogs of the Swedish fleet, used for cargo and mail transport, based in Øresund Till so far the ship is not identified.-

Mail service until 1683, for these services in Sweden were ships of the Swedish Royal Navy used

Starting from 1683 the first post yachts were used: the stamp shows us one late medieval 3-masted cog -

Öresund: strait between the Danish island of Zealand and the West coast of Sweden. Sea depth in the north 53 m, in the south only 8 m
The Sound is 3.8km wide at its narrowest point.

Source Navicula and the internet,
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