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“KADEI” In use in Africa central: Papyrus craft Lake Chad and the delta of the Shari River. The papyrus (occasionally ambatch) is bound together with palm frond ropes. Stern cut square, usually with minimal upsweep. Tapered bow on small types drawn out to a fine end and stayed back in a recurving point; on larger rafts, the bow stands free in a narrow, vertical point.
On small fishing “kadei” small bundles form the bottom, and one along each side provides freeboard.
Large “kadei” that transport potash has 2 large flattened bundles for primary flotation and small bundles along the inner sides form a protective trough for the cargo.
Those that carry cattle have an additional thick bundle on each side at water level, about a meter thick in the middle; these rafts also erect a rough pen. A very primitive type of “kadei” is made of a single bundle, the occupant stretching out along the bundle and paddling with his hands. Last for about three months.
Gradually being replaced by planked craft. Mainly poled.

Reported lengths 2 – 9 m, potash rafts may carry 2 tons.

From: Aak to Zumbra a dictionary of the World’s Watercraft.
Niger 1963 100f sg140, scott
1963 kadei (2).jpg

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