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10th Anniversary of Self-Government in Greenland

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10th Anniversary of Self-Government in Greenland

Postby aukepalmhof » Thu Oct 31, 2019 7:26 pm

2019 10th-Anniversary-of-Self-Government (1).jpg
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This stamp shows us many small boats heading for the shore, but in the information given by the Greenland post noting is given over the stamp, and the town in the back ground.

About 10th Anniversary of Self-Government in Greenland
On 25th November 2008, a referendum was conducted in Greenland about greater autonomy for Greenland. There was a clear majority for the proposal, more than 75% of the votes cast being in favour. Self-Government was officially introduced on 21st June 2009, Greenland’s national day, when Queen Margrethe II handed over the Self-Governance Act to Josef Motzfeldt, Greenland’s then chairman of the Landsting, the Greenlandic parliament. Greenland’s Self-Government replaced the Greenland Home Rule that had been in force since 1979. Greenland’s Self-Government is the name for the Greenlandic system of govern-ment, which operates within the framework of the Rigsfael-lesskab or community of the Danish kingdom, which consists of Denmark, the Faeroe Islands and Greenland.
The introduction of Self-Government was an official recognition of the people of Greenland as an independent people from the point of view of International Humanitarian Law. Humanitarian legal status as an independent people is a condition of International Law for any later declaration of independence and the formation of a new state. In Greenland’s Self-Government, however, Denmark continues to be responsible for foreign affairs and defence issues. The celebration of Greenland’s national day is always an important occasion, but it will be even more special in 2019, as we shall also be celebrating the tenth an-anniversary of Self-Government in Green-land. Ten years ago, one of the ways we celebrated the introduction of Self-Government was with a beautiful stamp designed by the esteemed artist, Aka Høegh. She has also been given the task of designing the stamp to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Greenland’s Self-Government. We are very proud to be able to issue this stamp on our national day.
Born on 16th December 1947 in Qullissat, she studied for various periods at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Art was an important part of attempts to formulate a Greenlandic identity. In the early 1970s, Aka Høegh was part of this, as she endeavoured to depict the Greenlandic spirit, through its myths and lore. Since 1974, she has exhibited at a large number of separate exhibitions in Greenland and Denmark, as well as in Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Germany. In addition to her paintings and sculptures, Aka Høegh has contributed with illustrations for books, including Knud Rasmussen’s ’Myths and Legends from Greenland’ trilogy from 1979 and ’Mythological Journeys in a Greenlandic Landscape’ by Vagn Lundby.
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