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Figureheads of royal barges of Thailand - I

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Figureheads of royal barges of Thailand - I

Postby Anatol » Thu Nov 21, 2019 9:02 pm

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The royal barge Anekkachatphuchong is the oldest of the four royal barges, built in the late-19th century during the reign of Rama V, (King Chulalongkorn). While no mythical figure is readily visible on the bow, numerous small ornamental Naga figures are carved into the bow.
The bow of the Anekchat Puchong Royal Barge features a lacquered, gold-gilded pattern of so many small nagas. It is painted pink on the outside, but its inside bottom is red. This royal barge is 45.67 meters long and requires 61 oarsmen. In the middle of this vessel is the Kanya Throne, whereby the king removes his apparel or headdress for Royal Kathina occasions, before he moves to another boat. The Anekchat Puchong Royal Barge was built in the reign of King Rama V.
In Sanskrit, Anekchata Phuchonga means various species of snakes. Puchonga means naga, which symbolizes power, knowledge, and abundance. According to Hindu beliefs or Purana literature, there has been connections between gods and nagas or snakes. For example, Vishnu sleeps on Ananta Naga.
Thailand 1975; 1b; SG869. Thailand 2001;9b;SG? Source: ... e-iconluxe
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