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KIRKKOVNE churchboat Finland

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KIRKKOVNE churchboat Finland

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Nov 24, 2019 8:01 pm

1981 Kirkkovene-1981.jpg
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“kirkkovne” is the name used in Finland for a church boat, It is a long heavy boat used to transport people to church and for other communal travel on Finnish lakes. Most are owned by several families. One reported as early as the 13th century; the “usiko” of Häme Province in central Finland. Phased out by the availability of other means of transportation; she is now being built for regattas.
Broad clinker planking; strakes, keel, stem, and sternpost made of pine; old boats usually had ribs for every pair of oars plus a seat at each end. Curved ends, flaring sides, low sheerline. Steered with rudder and tiller. Oars, of fir, secured by a loop to the single tholepin; rowed single- or double-banked. A boat with 10 pairs of oars might be 15-18m long.
The largest in eastern Finland reported as 40m.long and 3m wide; used 60 oars and carried 100 people.

From: Aak to Zumbra a dictionary of the World’s Watercraft.
Finland 1981 1m10 sg 993, scott ?
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