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SANTA MARIA Columbus flagship

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SANTA MARIA Columbus flagship

Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Nov 26, 2019 7:14 pm

1976 grenada-MS $2.jpg
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As given by Mr. Skip Williams in The Canadian Connection: He has identified one of the silhouettes in the margin of the miniature sheet issued by Grenada in 1976, $2 as the FEDERAL PALM of 1961, she is the vessel in the second row from the bottom. She was also depicted on the Grenada stamp of 1c 1976 sg 834, scott 765.
With this identification as a guide, it is now apparent that the other silhouettes are of the ships depicted in the rest of the Grenada 1976 set.
The ships on the bottom row are the from the left to the right VISTAFJORD and CANBERRA.
The ship in the second row from the bottom is the FEDERAL PALM.
The ships in the third row from the bottom are the HMS BLAKE and GEESTLAND.
The ship in the fourth row is REGINA>
The ship in the top row is Columbus SANTA MARIA, she is also depict on the $2 stamp in the M.S.
Source Watercraft Philately Volume 38 page 2.

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Grenada 1976 $2 sgMS840, scott 771.
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