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Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Dec 24, 2019 6:46 am

1988 Three-Wise-Men-Na-Makoi.jpg
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1988 Escape-into-Egypt-Fakagagalo-ki-Aikupito.jpg
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1988 Christmas-presents-Meaalofa-Kilihimahi.jpg
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Tokelau issued in 1988 six stamps which illustrate its version of Christmas and the special celebrations that take place during the festive season. More Christmas stamps have been given on Mr Bjoern Moritiz site
Three stamps depicted watercraft.

5c Value which shows us “na makoi” (three wise men) in a canoe (the canoe is a vaka). The men are actually “tautai” who have seen the sign “The Star”, indicating that Christ has been born “Tautai” are Tokelau experts who use the stars for navigation, the moon for fishing times, and the tides for different fishing methods.

The 42c value depicts Christ escape to Egypt, illustrated by use of a canoe (also a vaka) sailing to another atoll.

The 60c value depict some of the typical Tokelau Christmas presents for children. Among these can be seen a “paopao” or model canoe. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=16611&p=19633&hilit=paopao#p19633

Tokelau 1988 5c/40c sg 163,165 and 167, scott157, 159 and 160.
Source: New Zealand Post.

The vaka used by Tokelau Islanders:
This a model of a vaka (outrigger canoe) from Tokelau. Tokelauan people use vaka for transport around the atolls or to travel to fishing spots within and beyond the reef. They are usually propelled using paddles or sails. An ama (outrigger float) helps keep the vessel stable in the sea. Sometimes the vaka are built large enough to carry several men. However, one or two men can comfortably operate in a vaka and carry out most of the tasks associated with fishing. In the early 21st century, plank built vaka were rare and being replaced by aluminium and inflatable motorised dinghies.

A full sized vaka is usually made from short planks of wood sewn together with coconut fibre (sennit). In this model, the model maker has left out the detailing of joined planks. However, the hull, of dark-coloured wood, is in two pieces, lashed together at the centre. Each half appears to consist of three parts, the main hull and two upper planks, but this impression is created by decorative lashing over an incised line on the outside of the hull where each plank appears to be attached. The bow and stern covers and a single thwart are lashed to the hull. There is a long ama (outrigger float) of light coloured wood, joined to the hull by two main kiato (outrigger booms) with three kiato between. The kiato are further secured by two beams inside and parallel to the ama. There are three paddles.
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