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Postby aukepalmhof » Fri Dec 27, 2019 10:37 pm

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On 19 September 1994, the Faroe Islands issued a series of four stamps dedicated to the dance ballad of Brüsajøkil. This ballad consists of eighty-six couplets of four lines
The ballad of Brüsajøkil tells the story of Asbjørn Torálvason and his hunt for gold. An old man he meets just before Christmas tells him that on the island of Minna one of the Norwegian Herøy Islands, the giant Brüsajøkil lives. Like all giants, this giant possesses many treasures and whoever overcomes this giant becomes the owner of the gold.

Asbjørn decides to try his luck, and build a large ship (Viking longship) and set course for the island of Minna, as shown on the stamp of 1.00 Kr. But he makes a big mistake, he only trusts himself and that is why things are going badly wrong for him.
Once arrived on the island, he orders the crew to stay onboard and not leave the ship until he returns. Asbjørn finds the cave of Brüsajøkil. But the giant is not at home. He steals all the gold and silver and whatever else he can find and goes back to the ship, but when he notices that his gloves are still in the cave, he leaves his stolen loot behind a cliff and goes back to the cave to get his gloves. But now is Brüsajøkil at home, which can be seen on the stamp of 4 Kr.

The giant is not in a very good mood, he is displeased with the theft of his property, especially that of his weapons. It ends badly with Asbjørn. The giant makes the entrance to the cave invisible, so Asbjørn can't escape. In the fierce battle that follows, the giant throws Asbjørn with such a heavy crash on the ground that he breaks his neck.
The crew on the boat hears the death cry of their leader and realizes that it is over with him. The crew leaves the island in great haste and sails to Norway. Asbjørns brother Omar sees the ship coming and goes to the beach. After being told what happened to his brother, he is angered and decided to avenge the murder of his brother.

Saint Olav blesses his journey and Omar calls the help of God, the Holy Ghost and the Blessed Virgin. Despite these prayers, the trip to the island of Minna is not without problems. His way is blocked by a frightening cat. This is depicted on the stamp of 6.00 Kr.

Omar shoots arrows with his bow without result, the cat catches all the arrows and breaks them in half. Omar, puts then his sword in the cat's chest and pierces the heart. The cat is dead but now fifteen trolls suddenly appear. Omar also knows how to kill all trolls with his sword, so that only Brüsajøkil is still left. At the entrance to the cave, he makes a sign of the cross, something that his brother Asbjørn forgot.

Brüsajøkil is very displeased, the cat which was killed by Omar was the son of Brüsajøkil.

When it looks that Omar is losing the fight, he kneels on the floor to call Saint Olav. In exchange for help, Omar promises to serve him for the rest of his life. Olav interrogates these pleas and Omar sees the opportunity to grab the giant beard and pulls it loose, which is depicted on the stamp of 7 Kr. This ravages the giant, but he now suffered the same fate as Asbjørn the power of Olav helped and the giant was killed.

Omar also found three large lumps of gold, he gave two to King Olav and kept the third himself.

Faroe Islands 1994 1/7Kr sg 260/63, scott 270/73.
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