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AUMOA outrigger toy canoe.

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AUMOA outrigger toy canoe.

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Dec 29, 2019 8:06 pm

1992 Aumoa.jpg
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French Polynesia issued in 1992 a set of three stamps which shows us traditional children's toys. The 22Fr shows us an outrigger canoe which is a AUMOA.

The AUMOA is a traditional sailing canoe of a reduced scale used by children of French Polynesia. The hull is usually carved in “purau” wood while the sails are made of small coconut tree leaves or native fabric,
Sailing the aumoa is a group affair for children. Holding the canoe in the hands, each child wades forward in the lagoon water to waist or chest level, then launches each aumoa to make a miniature fleet. The aumoa fell out of use for a time but has been brought back into favor by the Atu Atu Te Nature Association.
Source: French Polynesia Circulaire Philatelique No 92/07 as given in WP 1993 page 19
French Polynesia 1992 22Fr, sg 649, scott599.
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