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Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Jan 05, 2020 7:49 pm

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Built as a ferry (Pax/RoRO) under yard No 1701 by Hellenic Shipyards, Skaramanga, Greece for the Strintzis Lines in Greece, it was the first order of over 15 years to the shipyard to build a ferry.
27 March 2000 keel laid down.
Launched as the BLUE STAR CHIOS.
Tonnage 8,128 grt, 2,651 dwt, dim. 141.0 x 21.0 x 5.20m.
Powered by four Wärtsilä 12V38 diesel engines, 31,680 kW, twin screws, speed 27 knots.
Accommodation for 1,915 passengers and 418 cars, berths for 146 persons.
11 October 2001 the Greek state sells Hellenic Shipyard to the German HDW/Ferrostaal.
03 July 2002 the deal between the shipyard and Strintzis Lines canceled, the ferry was almost finished work had completed till deck 5.
20 August 2004 sold to Greece Flying Dolphins, Piraeus, and she was completed by Marenco in Perama.
August 2005 trials.
14 September 2005 delivered to Hellenic Seaways Maritime SA, Piraeus under the name NISSOS MYKONOS.

17 September till 26 September 2007 used in the ferry service from Piraeus to Chios and Mytilene.
Thereafter used in services from Piraeus to various Greek islands.
16 December 2011 till 13 February 2012 laid up in Piraeus.
Again in service from Piraeus to various Greek Islands.
14 June 2013 vessel got on fire in the funnels when underway from Mykonos to Samos with onboard 174 passengers and 74 crew, the passengers were evacuated in Karlovasi where after the vessel proceeds to Drapetsona for repairs.
15 July 2013 in service again.
2020 In service. Same name and owners, Imo no 9208679.

NISSOS MYKONOS is a ferry owned by Hellenic Seaways that currently operates most commonly on the Piraeus-Syros-Mykonos-Ikaria-Samos ferry route. It is driven by four main engines Wartsila 12V38 Diesel and it uses to go at over 25 knots and this faster than all other big ferries that serve Cyclades Islands and North Aegean. The ferry is a sister ship to NISSOS CHIOS .

The ship was ordered by Gerasimos Strintzis in the middle 90's on behalf of his coastline company "Strintzis Lines" and launched at Skaramangas Shipyards originally named SUPERFERRY CHIOS, but in the year 2000, while the construction of the ship was unfinished Gerasimos Strintzis sold his company, the order was canceled, the name SUPERFERRY CHIOS was deleted and the ship remained unfinished for a long time at the shipyard. Finally, in 2005 the construction was completed, the ship was named NISSOS MYKONOS and was delivered by Gerasimos Strintzis who had been chairman and manager of the coastline company "Hellenic Seaways".The ship is named after the Greek island of Mykonos.

Source: Wikipedia, Miramar and
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