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Postby aukepalmhof » Wed Jan 08, 2020 8:15 pm

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2017 battle of Chios MS.jpg
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The painting after which this stamp margin is designed is made by Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky in 1848. It shows us the “Battle of Chios Strait” on 24 June 1790. Two ships that have been identified in the foreground are shown just before the explosion which destroyed the Russian vessel the SVIATOI EVSTAFII PLAKIDA and the Turkish flagship BURC-I ZAFER. (she is the vessel under Turkish flag on the left.)

As mostly always the names of Russian vessels are different given in the sources, for the SVVATOV EVSTAFIY, the book Russian Warships in the Age of Sail 1696-1860 gives her name as SVIATOI EVSTAFII PLAKIDA, she is also depicted on Russia 1996 750R sg 6612 scott 6339 named as YEVSTAFY

This painting depicts the duel between the Turkish flagship REAL MUSTAFA (BURC-I ZAFER) (84 guns) and the Russian admiral Spiridov’s ship SVYATOY EVSTAFIV (68). During the boarding action, the burning debris of the Turkish ship set the Russian flagship on fire and soon she blew up. The Russian admiral escaped the explosion just minutes before. Ten minutes later REAL MUSTAFA exploded too. The Turkish squadron retreated to the Bay of Chesma only to be destroyed there in the next two days in what later to be called Battle of Chesma.
More info is given on the SVIATOI EVSTAFII PLAKIDA viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9210&p=20211#p20211

Of the BURC-U ZAFER is given:
Of the Turkish warship BURC-U ZAFER in western sources given as REAL MUSTAFA, not much is known.
She was built as a galleon in 1769, were built is not given.
Hull was built from the wood of walnut trees.
Length 53m. Her underwater hull was copper sheathed.
Two gun decks, and armed with 86 bronze cannons.
Crew 600.

After completing service in the Aegean Sea
Took part in the battles at Suluca, Hydra and Güllük Gulf without sustaining much damage.
During the battle of Chios Strait, in which the Russian and Turkish sources have different stories. The Turkish source gives. The SVIATOI EVSTAFII PLAKIDE was hit by cannon fire from the BURC-U ZAFER in which she received rudder damage, she drifted with the current against the. BURC-U ZAFER.
The Captain of BURC-U ZAER the Algerian Hassan Pasha and 30 men entered immediately the SVIATOI EVSTAFII PLAKIDE, but he was quickly wounded and returned back to his ship. After a while, the two ships separated,
Admiral Spiridov seeing that he was losing and that fire had started on the ammunition and this quickly spread along the ship, the order was given to abandon the ship. The SVIATOI EVSTAFII PLAKIDE exploded taken with him, 900 Russian men and 570 Ottoman sailors lost there life.
BURC-U ZAFER started to burn ran aground 600 metres away from SVIATOI EVSTAFII PLAKIDE where after she blew up (15 minutes after the fire started).The wreck is located in 1995. She is now partially excavated.
Captain Hassan Pasha which was on the deck of the BURC-U ZAFER was thrown in the sea, but was rescued. ... asan_Pasha

The Russian source gives that there was a fire onboard the BURC-U ZAFER, the main mast broke and fell on the SVIATOI EVSTAFII PLAKIDE causing a big explosion on the ship where after she sank..

Source: Various web-sites.
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Postby ElliottM » Thu Jan 09, 2020 11:53 am

Fantastic looking stamp. Are these available worldwide?
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