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Postby aukepalmhof » Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:20 pm

1997 -Strudengau-water-nymph.jpg
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Legends and sagas from Austria: The Danube mermaid from Strudengau. The stamp was issued in 1997 by the Austrian Post and shows us a water-nymph in a rowing boat. By this stamp was given:

The Strudengau is the 25 km long, narrow, wooded area of the Danube Valley that begins at Dornach (Upper Austria) and ends at the confluence of the Ybbs in Lower Austria and the Danube. To the east are the Nibelungengau and the Wachau. In earlier times, this section of the Danube, the Strudengau, was considered the most dangerous stretch of the river and was given the name "hostel of death" by the Danube sailors. When former Danube travelers approached the Strudengau, they certainly not only admired the scenic beauties of this area with admiration, but they were very concerned about getting safely through the dangerous shallows. For thousands of years the Danube has had to squeeze through the rock massif - the river is reduced here to half its original width. Dangerous rocky reefs create whirlpools in the stream, violent roar accompanies the natural event. It is no wonder that the romanticism of the landscape, from time immemorial, stimulated the spirit of the local people to sing and tell, that a rich treasure of sagas was formed there. The saga of the "Danube mermaid from Strudengau" tells of a young girlish mythical creature, a mermaid or the female Danube, who lives in the waves of the Danube and a young man who once saved her from mockery of rude boys, out of need and danger, He got her through the wild waters of the Danube and saved her. But the fairytale beautiful mermaids are not always so friendly. Sometimes a mermaid also chooses a beautiful young man to be her lover and then pulls him down into the floods from which he can never emerge. If you want to set off to experience the Danube mermaid or the Danube female for yourself, you can use the places in Strudengau for a wonderful holiday. However, whether a beautiful mermaid will appear is doubtful. But you can explore that yourself!
Because the passage through the Strudengau was defused over time. Since the construction of the Ybbs-Persenbeug power plant (1958), this narrow can be passed safely, because the water level was raised by about twelve meters due to the resulting reservoir. With the horrors of the "Struden" it is now no longer possible to make money, but the communities of Strudengau - above all the centuries-old cities of Grein and Ybbs - have recognized the signs of the times and are committed to tourism, whereby such a rich offer for the holiday guest was developed so that no wish remains unfulfilled. As part of the "Sagen und Legenden aus Österreich" series, Post & Telekom Austria is dedicating a stamp to the "Donaunixe" (Danube nymph).
The stamp image shows the mermaid saving a ferryman. ... Strudengau
Austria 1997 14s sg2460, scott?
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