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Postby aukepalmhof » Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:17 pm

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1959 Sandwasers---by-A-Gierymski.jpg
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Poland issued a set of stamps in 1959 on Polish paintings one painting the 6z40 shows us barges discharging sand on a quay. The painting is named “sandwashers”, other sources give “sandblasters”.
Have nothing on the type of boats depicted on the painting, in my eyes is it a barge type. I found an internet site that tells us more about the vessels used on the Vistula River. ... _14_1_1194

On the painting, I found and translated by Google translate.

Sandblasters - a realistic oil painting of Polish painter Aleksander Gierymski. Painted in 1887, i.e. at the end of the artist's stay in Warsaw, the painting is now in the National Museum in Warsaw.

The painting shows sandblasters working on the bank of the Vistula, discharging sand from the boat to the high quay. Rhythmically arranged characters with shovels on the left side of the frame are shown in various stages of movement. The work is characterized by uniform colors, dominated by gray-blue tones and ugles. The composition is asymmetrical and open. In the background, the perspective is closed by several barges and the Kierbedź bridge, which allows locating the stage in Warsaw's Powiśle. The lowered horizon gives the impression that the viewer is watching the scene from the water level.
Poland 1959 6z40 sg 1100, scott?
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