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150th Anniversary of the birth of Julian Falat

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150th Anniversary of the birth of Julian Falat

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Feb 16, 2020 8:10 pm

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150th Anniversary of the birth of the Polish painter Julian Fałat
The Polish Post issued a set of stamps showing paintings made by him. One stamp shows a deck scene of a young lady in a deckchair on the deck of a steamer in Colombo harbour, Ceylon. In the background other vessels are visible.
The steamer is not identified so far, but most probably the vessel Falat traveled on during his world voyage from 1886-1895 is showed. (Who has the name of the steamer?)

A young woman in a white dress with a headscarf is sitting on a wooden deckchair and hides in the shade of a Japanese umbrella, which she holds in her left hand, and in the lady's right hand she has a folded fan. On the left, two Ceylon merchants with some merchandise they try to sell to her. Men with a dark complexion, one of them with a turban on his head, give the woman a choice of fans and decorated scarves.

Sources: Internet.
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