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Battle of Lada (494 BC)

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Battle of Lada (494 BC)

Postby Anatol » Sat Mar 21, 2020 5:29 pm

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In 499, Aristagoras, then a tyrant from Miletus, organized a joint expedition with a satrap from Lydia Artafern I in order to conquer Naxos. This expedition was a serious setback, and Aristagoras, sensing a threat to his position, provoked an uprising of all Ionia. This is a rebellion against the Persians combined with a rebellion against the tyrants who rule the cities and clients of Darius. In 498, the Ionians went on the offensive, looted and burned the outskirts of Sardis before being defeated at Ephesus. But the uprising spreads to other Greek cities of Asia Minor and the Aegean, to Caria and Cyprus, and three years of fierce war go without decisive results. At the beginning of 494, the war entered its sixth year. The Persians concentrated their land and naval forces on Miletus, the epicenter of the uprising. The Ionians sought to protect Miletus by the sea, and their fleet gathered on the island of Lada, not far from the city of the same name. The Persians tried to convince some of the Ionian cities to desert, and the contingent from Samos accepted their offer. When the two fleets met, the ships from Samos (with the exception of 11, which remained to fight) fled the battle, causing great confusion on the front lines of the Ionian Sea. Seeing this betrayal, the fleet sent by Lesbos, in turn, fled. Although the contingent from Chios and several other ships fought bravely, the battle was lost. After the defeat of Lada, the whole rebellion collapsed. Soon after, Miletus was taken, and its inhabitants were killed or enslaved. The following year, the Persians conquered the last strongholds of the rebels and brought peace to the region. This rebellion was the first conflict between Persia and the Greek world, and it represents the first phase of the middle wars.

Gabon 2019; 500f. Source: de Lade(494_av._J.-C.)
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