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View of San Pedro Port in Ivory Coast

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View of San Pedro Port in Ivory Coast

Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:32 pm

1969 region-cotiere-Coastal-region.jpg
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1969 View-of-San-Pedro.jpg
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This stamp was issued for the opening of the Philexafrique in Abidjan, Ivory Coast shows us a view of San Pedro in the Ivory Coast in 1969 and a stamp of 1936 sg 132 which shows us a three funnel liner alongside which not has been identified.

San Pedro: A Port town in southwestern Ivory Coast in the Gulf of Guinea "Time has faded the memory of the traders and the expired sailors who sailed from the mouth of the San Pedro River towards the end of the 19th century. The few ruins that still remember them are gradually beginning to disappear.
The earth movements work for the large port in the west of the bay in 1968, made the small cemetery that once dominated the bay disappear and on which lie the remains of Lieutenant Quiquerez, who died on 23 May 1891 on Yellow Fever when he made an exploring voyage with Lieutenant de Segonzac to explore the coastal area between Grand Lahou and Le Cavally and then tried to explore the San Pedro River.

Source: Le Monde des Philatélistes, March 1969, p. 7. [Navicula. 39 and 40].

Additional information:
Clair Édouard Paul Arnold Quiquerez (Paris, 17 October 1863 - Ivory Coast, 22 May 1890) is a French explorer.
He obtains in 1890, with René de Segonzac, a mission in Ivory Coast, from the French Ministry of War. The two men, who left Grand-Bassam, reached Grand-Lahou and, walking along the coast, visited the European trading posts to Cavally, the theoretical border with Liberia. They then go up the San Pedro River in canoes (07 May 1890) but, arriving at the first rapids, decide to abandon their canoes. Without porters and especially without experience, they try to continue north through the forest.
Lost and sick, the travelers turned around and with difficulty found their boats and their men but, attacked by the natives, they lost all their luggage.
Quiquerez officially dies of fevers on 22 May and Segonzac manages to return to San-Pédro with a broken arm. However, sometime later, an investigation was carried out into the causes of Quiquerez's death. His body is then exhumed. The autopsy found holes in the skull caused by a gun. Segonzac was charged with murder and tried by a court-martial sitting in Saint-Louis du Sénégal (10 October 1893) then acquitted on 20 October.

Source :

San Pedro was a very small fishing town but after the start of port construction, it did grow out of a major town and port after 1970. She became Ivory Coast's second-largest port, main export is mainly wood.

Ivory Coast 1996 50f sg?, scott?
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