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Pierre Andre de Suffren-admiral of French

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Pierre Andre de Suffren-admiral of French

Postby Anatol » Fri May 08, 2020 4:06 pm

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Admiral comte Pierre Andre de Suffren de Saint Tropez, bailli de Suffren (17 July 1729-8 December 1788) was a Vice-Admiral of the French Navy. Bailli de Suffren is best known for his role in the American Revolutionary War, during which he won a series of battles against Great Britain's Royal Navy in the Indian Ocean. The son of a Provencal nobleman, Pierre Andre de Suffren joined the French naval officer corps as a cadet in 1743. He was captured by the British at Cape Finisterre in 1747 and subsequently served with the altese galleys of the Knights of St. John - a common peacetime operation for French naval officers. Beginning his career during the War of the Austrian Succession, he fought in the Seven Years' War, where he was taken prisoner at the Battle of Lagos in 1759. These experiences left him with a conviction that French commanders needed to match the aggression of British naval tactics.Promoted to Captain in 1772, he was one of the aids of Admiral d'Estaing during the Naval battles of the American Revolutionary War, notably taking part in the Siege of Savannah. Independent command came in 1781, when he led a squadron from Brest to the Indian Ocean during the American Revolutionary War. In February 1782, he took command of a fleet escorting troops to French colonial outposts in India. Allied to Hyder Ali, Suffren managed to challenge the established British power in Indian until the end of the war. There he encountered a British fleet under Sir Edward Hughes, against hom he fought several sharp actions. These included the battles of Providien, Trincomalee, and Cuddalore, before peace was declared in April 1783. In these battles, de Suffren showed consistent daring and aggresion, but many of his captains lacked the desire to engage in a close-quarters exchange of broadsides with enemy ships. As a result, the battles were all indecisive, but they sufficed to make de Sufren's reputation. At his return, he was promoted to Vice-Admiral. He died shortly before he was to take command of the Brest squadron of the French fleet. . See more details: ... ropez.html
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