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Christopher Columbus landing in Puerto Rico in 1493

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Christopher Columbus landing in Puerto Rico in 1493

Postby aukepalmhof » Sat May 09, 2020 3:14 am

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A Spanish commemorative postage stamp was issued on the occasion of the four hundredth anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in Puerto Rico in 1493, issued in 1893 when the island was still under Spanish rule. It is the only colonial-era Puerto Rican stamp that does not bear the face of the King of Spain.

Columbus landing in Puerto Rico was commemorated in the USA with a stamp for the 500th anniversary on 19 November 1993. The stamp depicts two caravel ships approaching land. Selected post offices in Puerto Rico participated in local stamp ceremonies and offered special 500th-anniversary pictorial cancellations. Designed by artist Richard Schlecht.

By the stamp is given.

When Christopher Columbus returned from Hispaniola in 1493, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were eager to finance a second expedition. Plans for his return voyage were ambitious - Columbus was to be placed in charge of 17 ships manned by an all-volunteer crew of 1,200 to 1,500 men. Many were colonists who dreamed of quick wealth and rapid return home.

The expedition set sail on September 25, 1s493, and within a month and a half had reached its destination. During this second voyage, Columbus discovered Puerto Rico. Claiming the fertile island for Spain, he named it San Juan Bautista after St. John the Baptist. Meaning rich port, the name Puerto Rico was used in colonial days to describe San Juan, the island’s capital and largest city. Eventually, the name came to be used for the entire island. In 1898, following the Spanish-American War, Spain surrendered Puerto Rico to the United States.

In 1952, Puerto Rico became a U.S. commonwealth. Although the island receives assistance from the U.S. government, the local government retains authority over internal matters. This stamp commemorating the 500th anniversary of the landing of Columbus, and celebrates the cultural diversity Puerto Rico contributes to our national heritage.

Puerto Rico 1893 3c sg 110, scott?
USA 1993 29c sg 2869, scott?
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