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MORDOVIYA (782) Hovercraft

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MORDOVIYA (782) Hovercraft

Postby aukepalmhof » Mon May 18, 2020 9:36 pm

Mordovia Zapad-2009_military_exercises.jpg
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Built as an amphibious landing Hovercraft one of Project 1232.2 by PA Almaz, Leningrad (St Petersburg) for the Soviet Navy.
Launched as the MDK-94. One of the Zubr class.
Displacement 500 ton standard, dim. 57.3 x 25.6 x 1.60m. (draught).
Powered by 3 MT-70 gas turbines/2 NO-10 gas turbines, 30,000 – 40,000 hp. Speed maximum 63 knots.
Range by a speed of 55 knots, 300 miles.
Armament 1 x 2 Igla-1M SAM(32), 2 x 6 -30/54 AK-630M, 2 x 22 – 140MS-227 Ogon’ RI.
Capacity for 3 tanks or 8AFV’s or 360 troops or 150 ton cargo or 78 mines.
15 October 1991 commissioned. A unit of the Soviet Union Baltic Fleet.

12 March 2001 renamed in MORDOVIYA 782 also given as MORDOVIA.

The Zubr class (Project 1232.2 class, NATO reporting name Pomornik) is a class of air-cushioned landing craft of Russian and Ukrainian design. This class of military hovercraft is currently, as of 2008, the world’s largest hovercraft. There are currently nine ships in active service in the world. The Zubr is used by the Russian, Ukrainian, and Greek navies.

The Zubr landing craft has a cargo area of 400 square metres (4,300 sq ft), and a fuel capacity of 56 tons. It can carry three main battle tanks (up to 131 tonnes), or ten armoured personnel carriers with 140 troops (up to 115 tonnes), or up to 500 troops (with 360 troops in the cargo compartment). At full displacement the ship is capable of negotiating up to 5-degree gradients on non-equipped shores and 1.6m-high vertical walls. The Zubr remains seaworthy in conditions up to Sea state 4. The vessel has a cruising speed of 30-40 knots.

2020 The MORDOVIYA in service but under repairs.
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