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Iceland issues 2010 Norden by the seas.

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Iceland issues 2010 Norden by the seas.

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Jun 14, 2020 8:20 pm

2010  Iceland Norden life by the sea (2).jpg
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2010 Women-filling-Herring-Barrels-Herring-Clupea-harengus.jpg
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2010 Man-rolling-herring-barrel.jpg
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In 2010 Iceland issued two stamps and a miniature sheet which shows us how the herring was processed after she was landed onshore. In the early sixties, I have been a few times in Iceland to load salted codfish for the Mediterranean, returning to Iceland with a cargo of sea-salt. I have seen at that time still the herring trawlers coming in loaded to the gunwales with herring. The filling women were gone from the quays as seen on the stamps. More on this women is given on ... of-iceland
In the background of the stamps are depict fishing vessels.

A new series of Nordic stamps with the theme Norden by the Sea commences with the present souvenir sheet. The Nordic countries are separated, or united, by the water surrounding them. The coasts offer great variation, with long stretches of sandy beaches or smooth rocks. The people living along the coasts have always adapted to and drawn on their proximity to the sea. New enterprises are springing up alongside the traditional industries of shipping and fishing, for example. Energy production, fish farming, and tourism are just some of the businesses that are growing ever more important in our coastal areas. Few nations depend more on the ocean and coastal preservation than Iceland. Using strict measures Iceland managed to put an end to overfishing and reduce ocean pollution. Important fish stocks were strengthened. The first herring factories were erected in Siglufjörður and the herring boom bolstered the Icelandic economy. Close contact with harsh nature demands that Iceland makes sustainable use of living ocean resources.
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