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Postby aukepalmhof » Mon Jun 22, 2020 9:46 pm

Sakura Maru ex Mogul 1887 .jpg
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2020 Sakura Maru 120th-Anniversary-of-First-Japanese-Immigration-to-Peru.jpg
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Peru issued a miniature sheet in 2020 for the 120th Anniversary of the first Japanese immigration to Peru.

SAKURA MARU was a Japanese ship of British origin, famous for being the main means of transport for immigrants from Japan to Peru.

Built as a cargo vessel under yard No 134 by Aitken & Mansel, Glasgow, Scotland for Mogul SS Co. Ltd (Gellatly, Hankey, Sewell & Co.), Rochester, U.K.
07 September 1887 launched as the MOGUL.
Tonnage 2,819 grt, 1,827 net, dim 102.1 x 12.2 x 7.92m.
Powered by a triple 3-cyl steam engine manufactured by John and James Thomson, Glasgow, 371 nhp, one shaft, speed?
October 1887 completed.

1894 Sold to the Morioka Shipping Company (Nippon Yusen Kaisha), Tokyo which renamed her in SAKURA MARU in honor of the cherry blossom.

The captain had the English nationality, and the rest of the crew Japanese.

The long passage from Yokohama to El Callao and Cerro Azul

On February 27, 1899, she sailed from the port of Yokohama, taking with her 790 Japanese pioneers fleeing the harsh situation in Japan from the Meiji Restoration.
After a long voyage, they arrived at the port of El Callao and then at the port of Cerro Azul in the province of Cañete on 04 April 1899.
Most immigrants were farmers destined for large sugar plantations —one of the principal economic activities at that time located along the Peruvian coast from Lambayeque to Cañete.
In Cerro Azul, later the children, grandchildren, and other generations have erected a memorial of the first landing of the Japanese immigrants.

The end of the SAKURA MARU
Although this ship was a cargo vessel, later fitted out to carry also steerage passenger and cargo.
1904 Requisitioned by the Imperial Navy of Japan to be used as a transport in the Russo-Japanese war.
The last task of the SAKURA MARU was to blockade with 12 ships the entrance to Port Arthur. Named Port Arthur by the Russians, and the Port of Ryojyun by the Japanese, which is currently the port of Lüshunkou, in the People's Republic of China, so that the Russian naval forces in the port not could breakout and attack the Japanese fleet which was patrolling off the port.

Due to bad weather, a withdrawal of the Japanese block ships was ordered, but eight ships failed to see the signal flags on the Japanese flagship, including the SAKURA MARU under the command of Captain Yoshie Shiraishi, and stayed at their position,
She was scuttled on 03 May 1904 by the crew in position 38 47.2N 121 12E in which the total crew of 18 men was lost.
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