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Postby aukepalmhof » Thu Jun 25, 2020 9:24 pm

UNITED NATIONS PikiWiki_Israel_20694_The_Palmach.jpg
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2020 hagahah organization centennial.jpg
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Of the vessel depict is given that she the UNITED NATIONS was ex Italian vessel ARCHIMIDIS, but I can’t find a trace of this vessel on the internet, Mr. Paul Silverstone gives on his page
Built-in 1927, in Italy, as a two-mast motor schooner, tonnage 350 gross.
When used as an illegal immigrant vessel she was under the Italian flag and registry.
She was not detected after she was beached at Nahariya, most passengers escaped only 131 passengers were detained by the British Army.
Fate: The ship was slowly broken up by the sea.

The Israel Post gives by this issue:
The Haganah (Defense) Organization (short for “The Hebrew Defense Organization in Eretz Israel”) was established in 1920 and was the largest military body in the Jewish Yeshuv during the British Mandate. When the mandate ended and the State of Israel was declared, it became the Israel Defense Force (IDF). The Haganah was subordinate to the national institutions – the Jewish Agency for Israel and the National Committee. It was headed by a national civilian board, which represented all parts of the Yeshuv, while the military aspects and actions were commanded by the General Staff and the Chief of the General Staff. These terms were coined in 1939. The main objective of the Haganah was to safeguard the life and property of every Jew living in Eretz Israel. Its troops were trained clandestinely, preparing them for the struggles of the day with the Arabs and (at times) the British, as well as for the purpose of serving as a defensive shield for the future Jewish State. To that end, they established units, battalions, corps and services like those of an active army, which proved themselves in times of emergency from 1920-1947 and especially in the first few months of 1948, during the War of Independence, until the Haganah became the IDF. In addition, the Haganah took it upon itself to expand the area of security settlements throughout Eretz Israel, to determine the future borders of the Jewish State. The organization played an especially memorable role in the “Wall and Tower” operation during which more than 50 fortified settlements were established, as well as in the pioneering settlement of the Negev Desert, which led to this large desolate region begin included in the map of the Jewish State declared by U.N. resolution on November 29, 1947. The Haganah was also responsible for the illegal immigration to Eretz Israel when the British Mandate locked its gates. The Haganah brought in some 100 ships carrying 90,000 immigrants. Thousands of others arrived by land from countries in the Middle East. There was even illegal immigration via air – 150 Olim (immigrants) came on three flights from Iraq and Italy. The Haganah trained thousands of commanding officers at all levels and they formed the organization’s command infrastructure as well as that of the IDF for decades afterward. In his Order of the Day on May 31, 1948, David Ben Gurion established the IDF, declaring: “The Yishuv and the Jewish People owe the Haganah an immense debt throughout all the stages of its existence and development. Without the experience and planning, the operating capacity and command, the loyalty and heroic spirit of the Haganah, the Yeshuv would not have withstood its bloody trials and we would not have achieved the State of Israel. The historic chronicles of the Jewish People will feature a glowing chapter about the glorious and brilliant days of the Haganah, which shall never be forgotten”.
Dr. Mordecai Naor

The three stamps shows us:
Security Stamp Haganah fighters in the Jezreel Valley. Adapted from a photo by Zoltan Kluger, 1948, courtesy of the Government Press Office.
Settlement Stamp Building a guard tower at Kibbutz Masada. Adapted from a photo by Zoltan Kluger, 1937, courtesy of the Central Zionist Archives. Illegal Immigration Stamp
The “UNITED NATIONS” illegal immigrants ship at the Nahariya shore. Adaptation of a photo, 1948, courtesy of the IDF and Defense Establishment Archives.

The "UNITED NATIONS" Haapala ship (named after the international organization that decided to divide Israel and establish a Jewish state on 29.11.47) prepared to depart for Israel from Porto Venero, Italy. The ship was built in Italy and served as a sail-boat during WWII. The ship commander was Palyam member, David Maimon. The 'Gidoni' (wireless operator) was Shoshana Keini (Carmeli.) An additional escort was Man Vardi.
"UNITED NATIONS" sailed from Civitavecchia on December 14th 1947, (Silverstone gives 24 December) with 537 immigrants on board. The British authorities, who were busy capturing the two "Pans" ("Pan York" and "Pan Crescent"), didn't notice the ship. Due to considerations by those in charge of the disembarkation in Israel, the ship was ordered to change its route a day before it ended its voyage: Head south and arrive in Tel-Aviv from Egypt, instead of from Nahariya in the north. Maimon feared that extending the voyage may expose the ship to the British inspection; it also meant missing out on the opportunity to arrive on January 1st, while the British were less alert, and busy with New Year celebrations. He decided on his own to stick to the original plan of arriving in Nahariya.
The Haapala ship succeeded in entering the Nahariya shore at midday on January 1st 1948, without being exposed. It ran aground about 80 meters from the shore, and the unloading of immigrants began immediately, aided by the Italian seamen on the ship and nearby residents who were summoned there. The disembarkation was about three hours long. Approximately 300 immigrants were left in Nahariya, and the rest were dispersed in nearby settlements. The British military forces were late to react, and when their searches began a few hours later, they only partially located the immigrants. However, following negotiations with the Jewish Agency administration, the British gave up and released the arrested immigrants.
"UNITED NATIONS" was the last ship that broke the British embargo on the shores of Israel.
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