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Postby aukepalmhof » Mon Jul 13, 2020 9:46 pm

galeote grande.jpg
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1964 Galeota Granda 1728.jpg
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“Galeota Granda” of King Joao V built 1728: Luxury river craft for use by members of the Portuguese Royal family, built in 1728. On the orders of Don Joao V., simultaneously with six similar ships, for the engagement of the Infanta Donna Maria Barbara with the Prince of Brazil, the future D. José of Portugal. During the festivities, the illustrated Galiote transported the royal family, while the other six ships transported the other guests.
The pageant rowed from Ribeirakai in Lisbon on the Tagus River to Aldeia Galega, where numerous carriages carried the guest on to the Spanish border at Caia.
The “galeota granda” is an elegant vessel with a receding curved stem and a pinnace-type stern.
Her length is 25 metre, 3.60 metre width make it less slender than the royal brigantine. The stem cuts in two the joint mouth of two golden fishes which cover the luff over the foliage-surrounded horizontal anchors. The cross-piece of the boomkin lies half-way between the small receding bitter and the two towing bitts. The moulding, painted in a dark colour, separates two lovely strips of foliage. The stern panel is made up of two halves, the upper one having the royal arms and a lantern. The lower half, divided into two panels decorated with foliage, takes the helm ironwork. The backboard bears the royal arms. The helm has two dolphins head-down painted on the tiller.
The small open space of the vessel is covered over with a wide awing on six iron pieces, four of which lean towards the stern. The royal arms are painted on the outside. All along the length there is a central aisle which separates the oarsmen on either side.
The forty oars, 20 on either side, work in rowlocks and can be moved by 80 oarsmen, two for each oar.

1952 She was for the last time used when she transported HM Queen Elizabeth II on the Tagus River during her official visit to Portugal.
This "Great Galiote" was handed over to the Marine Museum in Belem on 26 March 1963, where she still is in 2020.

Source Navicula. Watercraft Philately 1968 page 2 and Internet.
Mozambique 1964 $15 sg 571, scott 457.
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