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Postby aukepalmhof » Thu Jul 16, 2020 8:34 pm

1985 Cory-s-Shearwater-Calonectris-borealis.jpg
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The stamp issued by Madeira in 1985 shows us a seabird and a tanker, the tanker is not identified so far. When there is happening something with a tanker and it spills her oil, the birds are one of the first who get in trouble.

On the internet and by the stamp is given:

CAGARRA – (Cory's Shearwater is the largest shearwater and the largest seabird that breeds in the Madeira archipelago. It has long, broad and slightly rounded wings and its bill is stout to medium-stout, long and with a hooked tip.)

A sea bird which stays all her life at sea, where it finds food and rests, has as habitat the Wild Islands of the Archipelago of Madeira, mainly to breed. This situation maintains a population valued at 30,000 for which the marine sanctuary must be maintained offered by the Selvagens Islands, and do not allow poachers, for commercial reasons, to attend them endangering the species. After all, it is about Conserving Nature and the Environment for this issue.

Madeira 1985 68E50 sg224, scott?
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