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Postby aukepalmhof » Fri Jul 17, 2020 8:35 pm

1985 JE'QUE Ships-van-Azoren.jpg
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1985 bote (2).jpg
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TYPICAL BOATS OF THE AZORES - Among the several typical boats used in the Azores Archipelago, we can distinguish the characteristics «Jeque» and «Bote» still in use in the Archipelago today.

It is not known when and where boats of this type were first built, nor when they arrived in the Azores. Mostly used as a dinghy to ferry people and provision from the shore to the ships anchored in the port.
Wooden hull, straight keel,.open hulled, with bow and stern decked, and usually has four benches; formerly with two masts and nowadays only with one where latin sails are set, they have two or four oars; of different lengths between 3 and 10 meters.
Crew of two to ten men.

Introduced by the Americans from New England who had been whaling since the 18th century in the waters of the Archipelago; vessel with a symmetrical bow and stern, its open hulled, decked on the bow and stern. She is full of ideas for harpooning and catching whales. Length that varies between 7 and 9 meters, beam 1.77 to 1.9 meters and 0.60 to 0.68 meters of depth, Capacity between 5.399 and 8.270 m3, and tonnage between 1.908 and 2.902 ton. Crew of seven men,
Bote has six benches and a large crab sail, and four to six oars.

Source: Navicula, Internet and Portuguese Post.
Azores 1985 40/80E sg466/67 scott?
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