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Captain Marko Ivanovic and a "tartan

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Captain Marko Ivanovic and a "tartan

Postby aukepalmhof » Thu Jul 23, 2020 8:40 pm

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The stamp issued by Serbia & Montenegro in 2005 shows us a portrait of Captain Marko Ivanovic and his ship a “tartan” Google translate the following sites.

“Tartan”, cargo, fishing and war sailing ship in the Mediterranean and the Adriatic in the XVII. and XVIII. The Bokelj tartans and similar Dubrovnik tartans were known.
Larger Bokelj tartan XVII ‒ XVIII. century was a cargo and warship of good seaworthiness. It had three masts with Latin sails, which could easily be replaced by square sails in a stormy wind. It was 18.5 m long, 7.3 m wide, the keel hip height was 4 m, the draft was 2 m, and the carrying capacity was 150-200 t, and it had 10‒15 crew members.

Smaller Bokelj tartan XVII ‒ XVIII. century was not a war, but exclusively a merchant-cargo sailing ship. It had two masts with Latin sails and a length of 10‒12 m, width 4.5‒5 m, height of the keel side 2.5‒3 m, draft 0.5 m, load capacity 10‒30 t, and 4‒6 members.

Dobrota mariners notably distinguished themselves in anti-pirate raids. First and foremost, the brave brothers Marko and Josip (Jozo) Ivanović.
1751 Captain Marko Ivanović left Dobrota, on a commercial business, that he was loading cheese in Thebes,Greece, but he was intercepted by a pirate tartan, owned by the infamous Turk, Haji Ibrahim. The pirate tartan had previously unsuccessfully chased the other two ships, and then attacked Captain Marko Ivanović's tartan with all its might. Reis Haji Ibrahim had 200 sailors and 16 cannons, while the Dobrota tartan had only 19 sailors and 8 cannons. Our sailors fought with Captain Marko Ivanović in a six-hour battle that lasted from 6 pm to 1 am. Although Captain Marko Ivanović was wounded in the face, he managed to win with his crew, on several occasions repelling and fleeing, with manpower and weapons, a superior enemy. Marko Ivanović was awarded the ducal of the doge Petar Grimani, for his heroic deed on July 19, 1751, with the knight's cross of St. Brand.
Eager for revenge for the lost battle from 1751 in the waters of the Gulf of Patras, Hadzi Ibrahim was given the opportunity to take revenge on the Ivanovic brothers in the Athens port of Drago in 1756.
The infamous pirate learned from Greek fishermen that the tartan SANTISSIMO CROCEFISSO E MADONA DEL ROSARIO by Captain Jozo Ivanović was located in the port of Athens, according to the trade business, which had 40 crew members and 8 small cannons.
The benefactors, who were also informed of Haji Ibrahim's intentions, due to the danger of the Turkish shambeck, which numbered 360 crew members and 42 cannons, stranded the tartan, in order to retreat to the mainland, if there is no hope for successful resistance.
Marko Ivanović came to the aid of his brother from the nearby bay with 8 other crew members.
Chased by a favorable wind, the Turkish Shambek rushed to Ivanovic's tartan. Haji Ibrahim, according to tradition, put his hand on his chest and raised the flag demanding surrender.
Marko Ivanović responded with a shot and mortally wounded him. The Turkish shambek, with its sails crucified, ran aground under an awkward gusts of wind. The ship ran aground and its guns became unusable. The pirates jumped into the water and a bitter hand-to-hand fight began. Marko Ivanović died in the fight. Salvos from the cannons of the benevolent tartan severely damaged the pirate ship for the third time. The benefactors boarded their ship and forced the Turks to flee. They set fire to the infamous shambek, took trophies and freed Christian slaves. ... 420-1787-2
Serbia & Montenegro 2005 0.25 Euro sg 146. Scott?
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